Are you trying to design or furnish a new bedroom? While it would be great to just get a bedroom essentials checklist where you could tick off all the things you need for your bedroom, it’s not quite that simple. What people consider as ‘essentials’ can vary greatly. Some people might only need a mattress to catch a bit of shut eye while others wouldn’t be without there fully equipped suite. So, let’s consider the key things that most people would have in their sleeping environments today.

Obviously, you need a place to sleep, even if it’s just a mattress and some blankets on a simple base frame. Headboards are optional (find out their pros and cons here). Other key bedroom necessities are bedside tables, or any similar surface within arm’s reach of the bed, and good lighting. This includes overhead lighting and bedside lighting, whether that’s bedside lamps, hanging pendants, sconces, or lights built into a headboard. Beyond these main things, any further things you need in your bedroom comes down to what type of room it is.


Master Bedroom Essentials

As the largest bedroom, the master bedroom can usually have all sorts of extras, but it can hardly be considered a master without these bedroom must-haves.

  • A decent-sized bed 

Every master bedroom should have a queen bed or larger. For a super luxurious master bedroom, a king bed or even super king bed can certainly be considered as essential. And quality bedding goes without saying.

Master bedrooms are generally large so there should be room for a substantial dresser with a mirror above. This allows for plenty of clothing storage and a place to do makeup and hair etc. Don’t forget to style the top with your favourite décor items.

I know I’m guilty of just lounging on my bed, but this probably doesn’t go down too well with some people when their bed-making is ruined by someone crumpling it up. So master bedrooms should always have another place to sit, whether it’s a big armchair, bench seat or office chair.


Kid’s Bedroom Essentials

Adventure Bedroom

Kid’s often get the hard luck with the smallest bedrooms but that doesn’t mean you can’t create a space your little one will love. So, what are the kid’s bedroom essentials to make it cosy and practical?

  • A quality bed they can grow into 

Sleep is so important in early years so provide your child with a stable foundation for their sleep, like a NZ made wooden bed frame that you know will last. If you can fit a larger bed, then go for it, that way they won’t grow out of it any time soon. If it’s a 2-kid bedroom, then bunk beds might be your go-to choice.

  • Creative space

It’s not exactly essential because some bedrooms simply cannot fit it, but if you can, make an area for your kid to play or work. Furniture items such as a desk, bookshelf or toy box and some comfortable floor space is ideal for homework, crafts, books, and toys.

  •  A sense of fun 

Above all, a kid’s bedroom should have personality. Put art on the wall, decorate with soft toys and create an attractive space that they’ll enjoy. Make the floor comfortable and pretty with a fun rug, especially if you have wooden floors. If you’re little one is afraid of the dark, don’t forget a cute night light!



Guest Bedroom Essentials

Bronte Bedroom

There are so many things you could put in a guest’s bedroom to make their stay hotel-perfect; we could go on and on. A good way to test if you have all the spare bedroom essentials is to spend a night sleeping there. A lot of us think our guest rooms are pretty nice but haven’t actually spent a lot of time in them ourselves so how do we know what’s missing? From my experience as a guest, I would say these items top the list.

  • A comfortable bed and mattress 

There’s nothing worse than going away and having sleepless nights because the mattress is too hard or lumpy or falls off the bed the whole time. Think about the position of the bed too. Is there good lighting and power points near the bed? No one wants to have to get out of bed to turn out the lamp or plug in their phone, so if at all possible, position the bed and bedside table/s near power points.

  • A mirror 

It’s not very convenient to trip across to the bathroom every time you need to glance at your appearance, especially if you’re having to share it with others. A full-length mirror in the bedroom is ideal and it doesn’t have to take up a whole lot of space. It could fill in an empty corner or attach to a wall or the back of a door.

  • A place to hang clothes, with some empty coat hangers 

If your guest room has a wardrobe built-in that’s great, but if not, you can purchase free-standing wardrobes or racks. Don’t forget to leave some coat hangers, it’ll save a lot of ironing.

  • Extra blankets 

I don’t know about you, but I hate being cold in bed. If you’re used to sleeping under a big heavy duvet and every extra rug you can find, a thin sheet and flimsy blanket is not going to make for the best guest experience. Everyone is different so just keep some spare blankets handy.

  • A fan 

You know what’s worse than being cold? Too hot, that’s right. So, the easiest way to combat this is with a fan because we can’t all just install air con in our guest rooms. No complaints from me if you do though.



Small Bedroom Essentials

Alto Bedroom

The answer to this one is as little as possible because an overcrowded room is no fun at all. So, with a bed and bedside table at minimum, there are just a couple of other important things for bedrooms that you should be able to squeeze in.

  • Extra storage

Underbed drawers, headboard shelving, double duty furniture, small/narrow chests of drawers, wall hooks or shelves… there’s lots of ways you can fit in clever storage if you think creatively.

  • Lots of light 

A large window is great but if you’re not blessed with such a luxury, make the most of any windows you do have. Try not to cover them with heavy drapes and make sure you invest in a mirror or two, to reflect that light around the room.


If you’re looking for further information on things to put into your bedroom, check out our full articles for Small Bedroom Ideas, Guest Bedroom Ideas and Bedroom Decorating Ideas.