General FAQs

Where is Coastwood Furniture based?

Coastwood is located in Greymouth on the West Coast of the South Island, New Zealand.

What is your furniture made from?

Our NZ-made products are made to order from two main types of timber: New Zealand Pine and American Ash. Both have numerous colour finishes available and products with upholstery offer a multitude of fabric options. Ultimately, the choice between the two timbers depends on your priorities: if affordability and ease of use are key, opt for NZ Pine, whereas for durability and aesthetic appeal, American Ash is the preferred option. Rest assured, whichever timber you choose, you're investing in quality, long-lasting furniture. Also used are products such as plywood and MDF which are more suitable for the backs of units, drawer bases, headboard panels, and on some paint finished units.

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Our imported products are made from a variety of materials from oak to rubberwood to metal and most only have limited colours/fabrics available. These are usually kept in stock for immediate dispatch.

What finishes does Coastwood use?

At Coastwood Furniture we source all of our furniture finishes from Australian coating supplier Mirotone. This includes stains, paints, sealers and lacquers. All our furniture is either painted or stained using solvent-based products, with colours that are custom made for Coastwood.

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What fabric can I choose for my furniture?

Aside from imported sofas and chairs, all our upholstered furniture is upholstered in-house and customers are able to choose their own fabric, from any of the following suppliers: Charles Parsons Interiors, Warwick Fabrics, James Dunlop Textiles and Lapco Leather. Alternatively you can choose to supply your own fabric.

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Will my furniture look like the website photos?

Design-wise? Absolutely. But because our furniture is made from a natural material with a genuinely natural woodgrain, each and every piece has its own unique appearance. We make every effort to ensure that the images online closely match the actual finish of our furniture through photographs and rendered images. However, due to variations in lighting, rendering software, computer monitor settings and of course the natural variations in solid timber, the images you see online may not be an exact match to the true colours and texture of the furniture in real life.

To ensure you are satisfied with your choice, we recommend ordering free timber samples or visiting you local Coastwood stockist to view the furniture in-person.

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How should I care for my furniture?

All good-quality furniture made from solid timber needs to be carefully cared for and protected.

The best way to clean your furniture is to use a fresh, slightly damp (not wet) cotton cloth to remove dust or spills. Go over with a dry micro-fibre cloth. If you’ve never used coasters or do your dusting with commercial sprays filled with chemicals, you might want to consider changing your ways. Heat, moisture, silicone, candle wax, nail polish and pets can damage or ding your furniture. Direct sunlight should be avoided. 


Ordering and delivery

How long will my furniture take to make?

Our lead times from order received to delivery can vary depending on demand. We generally have a 5 - 6 week lead time but are always willing to try and adapt to suit you. Please contact us on 0800 369 963 or to find out our current lead time or discuss your requirements. 

When will my order be delivered?

Once your order has dispatched, delivery usually takes 1 - 2 weeks. Most furniture is shipped by United Movers who pride themselves on being the flagbearers of fragile freight. They strive to handle everything with care, blanket wrap, hand-load and tie all items, to ensure that they are protected and arrive in perfect condition. You will be contacted prior to delivery to arrange a date and time that suits you.

Bed FAQs

What size bed can fit under a Coastwood loft bed?

We recommend a standard single bed underneath a king single loft to allow easy movement in and out of both beds. A single bed can fit underneath a single loft and a king single bed under a king single loft but the fit is reasonably tight.

Can I customise Coastwood bunk or loft beds?

All of our New Zealand made bunk beds have to be certified to the Furntech-AFRDI safety standards which ensures they are safe for use. Any changes to the size, construction etc. will void this certification, therefore we cannot customise our bunk beds.

Anything that is not structural however, such as finish colour is another story and we have over 15 colour options you can choose for your bunk beds to create the perfect look for you or your child’s bedroom.

Furniture Problem FAQs

How do I get nail polish remover off wood furniture?

Unfortunately, as you have probably already found out, this is going to ruin the finish on your beautiful new furniture. Nail polish remover contains acetone, which is basically a paint remover, so if this is spilt on your furniture it will melt the finish, leaving a sticky mess. Some perfumes and other beauty products may also contain harmful chemicals that can damage the finish on furniture, so please be careful with these.

If there has been a spill on the top of your new Coastwood Furniture product, then in most situations the top can be easily removed and either taken to a local furniture repairer or sent back to Coastwood for refinishing.

Why has my tabletop become sticky?

This is usually the result of using harsh cleaners that have damaged the surface of your new furniture.

Many household cleaners contain alcohol or ammonia-based products that over time can erode through the coating on the timber. Others are very abrasive and will cause the finish to scar and bubble.

When using a new cleaner always test it in an inconspicuous area first or just stick to the safe bet of wiping your furniture down with a damp cloth and drying thoroughly after, with a lint free cloth.

Why does my furniture have wood filler in it?

Every piece of timber is unique and has its own set of imperfections and character, often this will result in small holes or areas which need filling with a suitable wood filler so that the surface is smooth when finished. Often when assembling furniture, there will be areas that need to be tacked together leaving small tack holes on the surface, these should be kept to a minimum where possible and once again should be filled with a wood filler. Wood filler comes in a range of different colours which should be a close match to the timber it is used in, but because filler has a different composition to wood, it may not always match perfectly. Small imperfections or tack holes filled with wood filler in your new furniture should be no cause for alarm as they will have no effect on the strength or longevity of the piece.

Will insects attack my new furniture?

The main wood insect pest in NZ is the Borer beetle. This beetle thrives on seasoned or moist untreated timber. If your new furniture is going into an older, damp house that is already infested with borer then you do need to keep an eye out for this pest. Generally speaking, borer wont attack timber that is below 16% moisture content (which all new furniture should be) so there shouldn’t be a problem.

Sometimes in your new Ash timber furniture you may find a small 1-2mm round hole where a borer has exited the timber at some stage, this should be no cause for alarm as the Emerald Ash Borer only lives in the living tree. These small holes should be filled and polished over by the manufacturer, so they blend in with the beautiful grain of the Ash timber.