As a furniture manufacturing company, Coastwood Furniture Ltd has a passionate commitment to providing superior customer service.

Like any business we sometimes receive customer concerns via the retailer in which we are asked to assist and/or offer advice. As we back our products with superior customer service we are always willing to address this in view of continually improving our products and services.  

In order for us to do this and ensure that superior customer service is provided we have made a customer service policy which summarises how we deal with issues as they arise.


‘Customer’ – refers to the end user of our product.

‘Retailer’ – the business who supplied our furniture to the customer.

‘Services’ – methods of communication between Coastwood Furniture and the Retailer and working with our freight provider between Coastwood and the Retailer.

‘Products’ – furniture supplied by Coastwood Furniture.

Receiving Customer Service

All initial requests for Customer Service must be sent through the retailer to Coastwood Furniture. Photos, where applicable, will need to be supplied and proof of purchase. Support and Service requests will be responded to within the shortest possible timeframe, ideally less than an hour. As per the Consumers Guarantee Act, Coastwood will make the decision whether to repair or replace product.

Freight Issues/Damages

In the event of freight damage to a product supplied by Coastwood, claims must be received via the retailer to Coastwood within 5 working days for the claim to be valid. All products are to be checked over upon arrival to the retailer or in the case where Coastwood deliver direct to the user on behalf of the Retailer. Goods accepted will be signed for as being in Good order and Condition or damage is to be noted on the consignment docket on delivery.

Standard Product Features and Benefits

Coastwood mainly uses solid timber which is a natural product. Therefore grain variations and small imperfections can be expected. This is the natural beauty of solid timber.

Stain variations can be expected as stain takes differently to different grain. It is necessary to use filler in some small holes and imperfections.

MDF is used for the drawer bottoms and backs of some of the bedroom furniture and some components in painted furniture. This is because of its stability and durability. MDF product also has a smoother finish and much less chance of shrinkage and bowing. Items as standard are not stained or painted on the underneath. The mountboard on the bottom of headboards is made from MDF and is not finished to the same standard as the rest of the headboard as it is not seen when it is behind a bed.

Backs of units and headboards will be stained/painted the same colour as the unit however there will be some staples and/or screws showing and it will not be finished to the same standard as the fronts.

The underside of dining and occasional tables are sealed but not stained or sanded to the same finish as the tops.

As the main of the furniture is solid timber there can be some movement in the timber due to varying atmospheric conditions. Therefore a gap on the hinge side of a door can be between 1-2mm. All other gaps around doors should be 2-4mm. Gaps around drawers are also 2-4mm. These tolerances are standard practice in the Coastwood factory.

Coastwood Furniture Ltd are able to amend this policy at any time. Changes to this policy are effective once updated on our website.

If you have any questions about this policy please email our Customer Service team at

This policy was last updated June 23rd 2016