How does your bedroom make you feel? Is it personal, unique to you, your happy place? Or does it leave you feeling depressed, unhappy, maybe even angry? A beautiful bedroom design goes beyond aesthetics; certain colours and textures evoke different moods and change the overall feel. An unattractive bedroom can incite negative emotions, whereas with the right decorating you can create the peaceful and relaxing bedroom retreat that you deserve. This doesn’t have to mean spending a whole lot of money and it’ not just reserved for interior designers and the rich and famous. We believe in bedroom decorating ideas that work in any home. With a few simple changes and additions, you can transform your bedroom from plain, boring, or ugly to dazzlingly beautiful. If you want to get the look of some of our favourite bedroom designs, take note of our ideas and bedroom decorating tips below.


Master Bedroom Decorating Ideas


Feature Wallpaper

Nothing sets off a bedroom like a stunning feature wall. There are so many beautiful wallpapers out there to suit every style, and by just wallpapering one wall it’s relatively inexpensive. This dark green leafy print wall in the Brook bedroom setting turns this simple master bedroom into a beautiful sanctuary.


Rustic Elegance

Beyond their structural purpose, exposed beams can be a brilliant design feature that help you create a rustic look. An animal head or antlers on your bedroom wall, work perfectly in this style of room, like in the Andes bedroom. Add in a faux cactus and your bedroom will feel like it’s straight out of a rustic retreat.


Two-Tone Colour Scheme

While not exactly a decorating idea as much as a furniture choice, choosing a two-tone finish for your bedroom furniture is certainly decorative and changes up your whole decorating theme. You can mix and match base and top colours on most of our bedroom ranges- just ask. The Mid Grey Paint and Sand stain finish, pictured in the Mabel bedroom above, has a dreamy coastal vibe but there are tons of different combinations that can be applied to any furniture piece.


Teenage Bedroom Decorating Ideas


Wall Art

Most bedrooms have plenty of wall space available so let your teenager make their bedroom their own, with wall art that reflects their style and personality. They could choose a pretty canvas, family pictures, their own photographs or creations, or a gallery of framed prints like in the Larry Bedroom above. Anything that adds interest in the room and makes it personal is much more appealing than dull, blank walls.


Wall Murals

For a creative alternative to wallpapering or painting a whole wall, adding a large wall mural, like this giant spot in the Plyhome bedroom, is a fun way to decorate a teenage bedroom. You could paint it on, or use a wall sticker for easy removal. Either way, teenagers will love waking up to a unique, vibrant design.


Growing up

Bridge the gap between child and adult with elements that help teenagers to feel grown up but still retain a sense of fun. This Alto bedroom keeps it playful with a vibrant mural, pastel colours and wall-mounted planters but brings in maturity with the darker Greywash-stained furniture, a double-sized bed, and décor that’s not too childish but still has youthful appeal.


Guest Bedroom Decorating Ideas


Layered cushions and natural elements

When it comes to decorating a spare bedroom, layering up cushions is one the best and easiest ways to create a cosy atmosphere. Your choice of cushions should be complementary but not necessarily matching so you can play with different shapes, sizes, colours, and textures. Another decorating idea in this Verve bedroom is displaying dried grass or flowers, shown in the vase, and the wreath above the bed. You can even collect and make these yourself and they’ll bring a relaxed and natural feel for your guests.


Hanging Pendants

Placing some sort of lights beside the bed is a given, but why not be more creative and choose hanging pendants instead, like in the Alto bedroom. Not only will this spare bedroom decorating idea allow more bedside table space, but it will set your design apart and bring a contemporary look to any guest bedroom.


Free standing mirror

Got some empty space that you don’t know what to do with? A full-length mirror is the bedroom decorating idea for you. Available in a wide array of styles, you can simply lean them up against a wall and watch the space open up and get lighter and brighter, like in the Bronte bedroom. Your guests will love the luminous atmosphere and ability to evaluate their look from top to toe.


Decorating a Bedroom on a Budget


Boho style

If you desire a Bohemian-styled bedroom this can be created easily, even on a tight budget. Display mementos collected from your travels, some crafty macrame, or fluffy pampas or toetoe like in this Bayswater Bedroom. Simple, natural elements such as these are all you need to produce that whimsy, Boho feeling, at very little cost to you.


Plant life

Indoor plants are one of the hottest interior design trends and you really can’t have too many. There’s lots of great options that you can pick up for just a few bucks and they can make the difference between a bedroom that’s blah and a bedroom that’s wow! In a room with dark walls like this Fenton bedroom, decorating the bedroom with plants brings in life and freshness.


Wall Panelling

If your bedroom is missing some texture, panelling a bedroom wall could be a great project to undertake. There’s horizontal or vertical tongue & groove panels, board and batten, wainscotting and more. With a few planks of wood and the right tools, this task is achievable for even the most amateur DIYer so it’s ideal for decorating a master bedroom on a budget. You could paint it the same colour as other walls for subtle sophistication like this La Resta Bedroom or go completely different to make it a standout feature. Check out this guide from House Beautiful and get your tool belt on!


And there you have it: twelve easy-to-achieve bedroom decorating ideas to help you create the bedroom of your dreams. All bedrooms pictured feature Coastwood furniture so if you want to recreate any of these designs, check out our bedroom furniture collections to get started. And don’t forget to check back regularly, we’re always updating our bedroom collections with new images to inspire and delight you.