Don’t miss out on what everyone else has got going on in their bedrooms this year, the latest bedroom trends are taking our spaces to a whole new level! Trends over the decades have always been influenced by world events and changes, and the 2020’s are no different with the global pandemic being a significant factor leading people in favour of environments that are calm, natural and comforting. This is especially true in the bedroom, a place meant for relaxing and rejuvenating, and that’s reflected with our current love of casual luxury, sustainable materials, texture, soothing colour palettes, and curated, up-to-date styling.


Bedroom Interior Design Trends

To achieve this tranquil, comforting vibe in bedrooms, interior design trends that connect us with nature such as indoor foliage and natural materials have been growing in popularity over the last few years. The plants trends is definitely here to stay. From improving bedroom appearance and air quality, to enhancing mood and creativity, and reducing stress, they’re just what we need right now.

In addition to increasing our desire for all things peaceful and comforting, global circumstances have had other influences too- what about all those DIY skills you acquired during lockdown? Don’t let these go to waste because panelled walls that add texture are popping up everywhere in interior design. The types of panelling you can attempt are endless, from traditional shiplap to modern geometric designs.  


Master Bedroom Trends

Master bedroom interior design is becoming more luxurious, with a real focus on creating a peaceful retreat with all the bells and whistles- it shouldn’t feel like just another guest room. Interior designers are giving master bedrooms a sense of separation from the rest of the house and adding in spacious walk-in wardrobes, designated seating areas, large windows and even exterior access, to maximise natural light and create a connection with the outdoors.

If you don’t have the budget or space to completely redesign your room, you can still catch on to this trend by prioritising quality and comfort. You could add in a bedroom chair and splurge on quality bedding to create that luxury feel. With natural materials still trending, consider linen duvets, wool blankets and wooden furniture, flooring, or walls to create the nature effect.


Bedroom Furniture Trends

If it’s made from wood, rattan or leather, you’re doing 2022 bedroom furniture right. Nothing can compare to these natural materials when it comes to adding warmth and texture to bedrooms and stained finishes will capitalise on the rich beauty of timber and ooze character into your bedroom. It doesn’t just stop with materials though; homeowners are replicating natural shapes too with their furniture choices. To get up to speed with this trend, check out our subtle rounded-edge Karamea, curvy Hudson or the wavy-edged Neo.

Upholstered headboards are also one of the latest trends in bedroom furniture because of their ability to make a bedroom feel more luxurious and expensive. The great advantage with Coastwood upholstered headboards in that you can choose practically any fabric you like so they work for everyone. Take a look at our Lyall Bay Headboard, Karamea Padded Headboard or McKenzie Padded Headboard and all the options that come with them.


Trending Colours

Colour sends a big message in interiors and the easiest way to produce ‘calm and comforting’ is with soft, tranquil naturals and earthy pastels which is why we’re seeing a lot of neutral colour palettes at the moment. While some people still adore bold colours, its much more common to see them used as accents rather than the dominating colour palette. If you prefer something other than shades of white, black, and brown, take inspiration from other colours from nature. Green is continuously popular- not as a bright, audacious hue, but in the form of soft sages or deep olives. For a warmer desert feel, rich terracottas pair beautifully with dusky pinks and warm off-whites.


Carpets & Flooring

You may have noticed that a lot of modern interiors feature wood flooring throughout, bedrooms included. This has undoubtedly been a big bedroom flooring trend of late, with many ditching the carpet and opting for the simple, clean look of timber or laminate floorboards. Light-coloured floors will especially give your bedroom a bright, contemporary feel and interesting patterns like herringbone are popular. However, for homes with wooden floors, floor rugs are a necessity to keep warmth in your bedroom. Layering is in style, so even if you have carpet, adding a rug as well will create a very on-trend look. And for those wondering whether they should rip up their bedroom carpet, not to worry, carpet is coming back, especially carpets made from natural fibres like wool and jute with a focus on low maintenance and sustainable options.


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