While the guest bedroom is perhaps the least-used room in the house, it’s the part of the home that visitors will use the most so take the opportunity to show off your beautiful interior style and make guests feel welcome. Decorating should have a purpose. While things like paint, and ornaments, are purely decorative, you don’t want to waste any space in a guest room so put thought into it and use practical items that work as décor. Your guests will appreciate the little things you do. Here are some of our favourite guest bedroom ideas to give the right impression rather than making your guests feel like their room did not receive much care or attention.

Decorating a Guest Bedroom

Manage the light

Good lighting is essential for any room, guest room included. Many people like to read or work in bed so make sure you have some bedside lamps, sconces, hanging lights, or built-in headboard lights. But think about natural light too. While it’s great to have as much natural light as possible during the day, there’s nothing worse than going away and daylight comes creeping into your room hours before you’re ready to arise. So, install curtains or blinds to ensure your guests sleep well. As far as looks go, there’s many lights and curtains/blinds to choose from so pick a style and colour that matches the look you want to achieve.

Cater for hot and cold

When styling a guest bedroom, think about how comfortable you can make it for your guests. For hot sleepers, having a fan available, even just a tabletop fan, in your guest room is a kind gesture and some people just like the noise. For cold sleepers, have extra blankets nearby that they can pull on in the night. This can be in the form of a decorative throw blanket that really adds to the look of the room.

Get creative with functional elements

Think about other items you can add that are useful and decorative, like a ladder or a statement headboard. A decorative ladder is not only aesthetically pleasing but it’s also a unique way to hang towels or blankets. A headboard is one of those things you’ll probably have anyway so why not bring in your expert styling in and create a stunning centrepiece in the room.

Small Guest Bedrooms

Create a small guest room

If you don’t have a spare room but you have an attic, clear it out and turn it into a cosy guest room. It might not be the biggest space and have low ceilings but with a lick of paint and some low furniture you have the perfect small guest bedroom.

Reflect light 

Every guest room needs a mirror- ideally full length (you want to look your best when you’re away) and they have an added bonus in small rooms by reflecting light and making the space appear bigger and lighter.

Don’t over-style

You don’t have to crowd a guest room with fancy ornaments especially if it’s a small one. Keep it clutter-free but not cold. To do this, use warm colours, textures and plenty of cushions and throw blankets. That way the bed will seem really inviting even if the rest of the room is quite minimalistic.

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Creating a Guest Bedroom that Doubles as an Office

Divide the spaces

We don’t all have guests every day so it’s great to be able to use the spare room as an office in the meantime. Hang curtains to divide the spaces while allowing the room to still flow as one. A bed and bedside table on one side and a desk and chair on the other makes for a perfect study and spare bedroom.

Opt for a daybed

A daybed is an ideal small bedroom, office combo idea. It won’t take up a lot of space and can be a nice seat most of the time but quickly turned into a bed when guests arrive.

Combine a desk and dressing table

Guests will want a place to ready themselves each day; a desk with a mirror above is just the thing in a guest room that doubles as an office. This means they can use it to lay out their toiletries or as a workspace and you can use it as a desk the rest of the time when you have no guests.

Small Guest Bedroom Ideas on a Budget

Make use of what you already have

When decorating, make use of extras from the rest of your house. If the room is small, you don’t need a whole lot of stuff and often, you’ll find spare lamps, cushions, furniture etc. around the house that you can repurpose for your guest room. With a bit of refurbishing, it’ll feel just like new. Then all you’ll need to do is buy a couple of things to tie it all together, costing you much less overall.

Be welcoming with small details

Decorate with small items like fresh flowers and candles, and essentials like towels. These are cost-effective, look good and can add a fresh, welcoming ambience to the room. Even if your budget is tight, guests will appreciate the thought you have put in.

Never underestimate paint

Paint is a no-brainer for a small bedroom on a budget. It’s not that expensive, it doesn’t take up space and can make a room look completely different. You can be creative in guest rooms because you don’t have to live in it every day but consider your guests too. It might not be too relaxing to sleep in a room with a glaring bright walls so consider calm colours, grey and green are always good choices.

Leave some empty space

This one won’t cost you anything but is very valuable in small rooms. It’s pretty difficult trying to cram a suitcase onto a meagre piece of floor and jump over it every time you get in and out of bed so leave some floor space for suitcases or have a bench that guests can sit them on. This will help your guests to feel much more organised throughout their stay.

Choosing Furniture for a Guest Bedroom


A bedside table is important guest bedroom furniture for things like their phone, clock and glass of water. It doesn’t need to have drawers; it’s the tabletop guests will find useful so any sort of side table will do or even a floating shelf. Alternatively, put a lowboy, desk or dressing table beside the bed so it can have dual purposes.

Space to hang clothes

Most guests don’t need a lot of storage especially if they’re only staying a few nights but space to hang clothes saves things from getting crumpled in suitcases whether it be a full-on wardrobe or just a rack or hook to hang stuff on. Don’t forget the coat hangers!


A sitting area is a nice touch in a guest room. Visitors may not want to hang out in your living room the whole time but would rather have space to read, work or chill out in private, that’s not just on the bed. So, if you can fit it, include a bedroom chair or window seat.


Guest Bedroom Decorating FAQs


Keep true to your personal style so that your guest room fits in with the rest of your house and give it as much care and attention as other rooms, always keeping in mind what you would enjoy as a guest.


You can set up a bedroom for guests in a spare room or an attic or office. Make sure there is a place to sleep, a side table, mirror and somewhere for putting a suitcase and personal items. If you have the space, a seat and extra storage for clothing is useful as well.


Ensure your guest bedroom styling is cosy and inviting. Don’t clutter it with too much stuff but have all the essentials and small, welcoming items. Use smaller furniture and furniture that can be used in multiple ways.


Use multipurpose furniture that can be useful for both you in an office and visiting guests. Always clean up your specific office items before guests arrive, so it feels ready for them, not like they’re invading your space.