Modern Living Room Ideas & Decorating Tips

Are you daunted at the task of modernising your lounge or desperate for new living room ideas? Achieving an elegant, modern living room is not as difficult as you may think. With just a few modern living room design ideas, you can turn yours into a great contemporary space! Modern living room ideas in 2023 focus on practicality, maximising natural light, and airy, clutter-free spaces. It could be as simple as some new couch cushions or a piece of artwork, a fresh coat of paint or even just one new piece of furniture can uplift the whole space.


Modern Lounge Décor

Modern lounge décor is all about making your lounge look welcoming, people need to feel like it is a space that they can relax in. That’s why everyday items such as books and mugs are perfect for decorating- artfully place some of your favourites on your side table or shelves. To make it even more appealing, add lots of soft furnishings like cushions, throws and floor rugs- just remember to choose modern designs.

Less is more when it comes to modern living room décor ideas, so if you’re prone to collecting all kinds of bits and pieces, consider purchasing a display cabinet, buffet, or bookcase where you can organise all your knick-knacks and turn them into a decorative display. A buffet, like below, is an ideal example of where you can hide clutter but use the top for decoration- the perfect spot to bring in natural and textural elements to achieve that modern feel.


Paint & Colour Trends

Around the world, neutrals such as whites, greys and beiges have continued to be the most popular living room colours. It’s easy to see why, as bright colours can quickly become dated, whereas neutrals create an overall sense of calm and spaciousness that is easy to live with.

For other living room colour ideas, you can’t go wrong with green. In every room of the home, green is increasingly popular because of its close ties to nature and vibrant, refreshing feel. There are so many shades to play with, from light sage to deep, earthy olive.

Another way to transform your walls is with a limewash, which gives the walls a textured, concrete-like effect. This is a subtle way to transform flat walls and make your living room much more interesting without being too outrageous, as shown in the Metro living room setting below.


Modern Living Room Furniture Ideas

There’s no better way to give your living room an updated feel than with new furniture. We typically think of sofas as the main living room furniture but there is so many other modern living room furniture ideas that can elevate your space, such as coffee tables, side tables, buffets, entertainment units, shelves, and cabinets.

Living rooms are often the subject of a lot of clutter- it’s a central room in the house where miscellaneous, everyday items just seem to end up. Any good modern living room should include a piece of furniture that can simultaneously be used as storage and a place for display. Whether that’s a modern sideboard like the Gavardo Buffet, a display cabinet like the Metro, a bookcase such as the Marlborough or a combination of these types of units.

If you typically watch the big screen in your living room, then you can't do without a modern entertainment unit. From low tv units like the Ferngrove, to corner units like the Metro, Coastwood has units to fit every space.

The humble coffee or side table is a must in modern living rooms, so you always have a surface nearby to sit your drink or book or host a lamp and some beautiful ornaments. The clean and natural design of the Bruno and Fenton coffee and side tables, make them fantastic choices for modern living rooms.


Laying Out a Modern Lounge Space

Open plan lounge/dining is one of the most popular layouts in modern homes. It makes the area feel more spacious and is especially great for smaller homes. Place your sofa area next to or facing towards your dining table for easy transitioning and mingling between the areas but still define the separate spaces with an area rug. Ensure cohesion with coordinating colours and elements, for example, use the same-coloured furniture for your dining table and coffee table.

If your living or lounge space is in a separate room of its own, this is a good opportunity to create a really cosy space. Being enclosed by walls on all or most sides makes the room feel safe and comfortable. Don’t push all the furniture up against the walls though, the best way to invite comfort and conversation is to arrange your sofas in a half or full circle, closer to the centre of the room. Add a coffee table in the middle and use the walls for cabinets, shelves, or entertainment units.


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