Lack of storage is a common problem faced by consumers everywhere. How can we store all our household items without them looking untidy, disorganized and out of place? If this sounds like you, you need a unit that can contain clutter and look good at the same time. In other words, a sideboard! (Also known as a buffet or hutch dresser.) A sideboard or buffet is so much more than just a piece of furniture. They are extremely versatile, and there are countless ways to use one for decoration and storage in your home. Buffets and sideboards can also provide a sense of elegance and style to any room. With long, wide tops, multiple storage options, and various styles available, the possibilities for how you can use them are endless.


What are Sideboards Used For?

Ferngrove 3 Door Hutch

What goes in a sideboard? The answer is pretty much anything! A sideboard is great for adding extra storage to any space in your home, be it in the kitchen, dining room, living room, hallway or even in a bedroom where it can be used as a dressing table.

With shelves, compartments, cupboards, and drawers, you can store a variety of items in a neat and orderly way. Store extra blankets and bedding, stack dishes, store linens for entertaining, arrange books or display pieces… there’s just no limit to what you can use it for.

In addition to their useful storage capacity, buffets can fill an empty space and become the focal point of a room. Their top can be used to display pieces of art, jewelry, candles, or any beautiful centrepiece.


Sideboard & Buffet Storage Ideas

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Most buffets come with shelves, sometimes hidden behind doors and sometimes visible. The shelves are great for organising items such as serveware, glassware, books, and magazines.

Drawers in a sideboard can be used to hold items such as silverware, linens, stationery, or any smaller items that need to be stored away.

The top of a sideboard is a highly useful space when entertaining. Owing to its long, wide shape, it’s an excellent spot for serving and you can place dishes, drinks and food on the tabletop for your guests to enjoy.

Whatever the item, if you have no other place for it, a stylish sideboard or buffet table is the perfect solution.


Displaying Art

Ferngrove 3 Door Buffet

A buffet provides the perfect foundation for displaying art. Prop up a large canvas, stand a series of picture frames, or hang a whole gallery above. Whichever you choose, a good rule to follow is to choose artwork that takes up two thirds of the width of the buffet or sideboard. To finish off, add in other décor pieces such as vases and plants and illuminate your display with a wall sconce or table lamp to really draw the eye.


Sideboards as Entertainment Units

One of the many uses for a sideboard is as an entertainment unit. Although generally higher than the average entertainment unit, buffets make great TV units because they have plenty of space and storage to hold a screen and all of the accessories that come with it. With cupboards for hiding cords, and drawers for storing remotes, a buffet will cover all your entertainment needs with space to spare, which is why they are great multipurpose units.  If your living room can’t fit both an entertainment unit and a buffet table, then you can combine them with a single sideboard.


I hope you’re convinced that a buffet or sideboard is possibly the most useful piece of furniture you will ever own and no home should be without one, if not two or three, so start browsing today!