At Coastwood, we are passionate about keeping up with modern bedroom trends. 2022 has seen a shift between minimalism and maximalism, embracing unique and comfortable furniture, as well as incorporating statement colours. Adding practical furniture to your bedroom design is the trend we have been waiting for, as it minimises mess and creates space. However, thoughtfully displaying décor and belongings helps develop character within the bedroom to make it stand out. Painting or wallpapering your bedroom with complementary modern designs and colours livens the space, setting the tone for you to unwind to.

Modern Master Bedroom Décor

The latest modern bedroom décor trends have seen a movement between minimalism and maximalism. Maximalism allows Kiwis to showcase their design tastes through careful curation of their décor. To embrace the maximalism aesthetic, we suggest displaying emotive artwork, showcasing books, and adding houseplants to your master bedroom. The aim of maximalism is to create a comfortable space that feels like more than just a house; to create a home. When undergoing the maximalism development process, there is not much that you can do wrong, as it is a style that allows creative freedom.

However, many people prefer the classy and sleek look that minimalism offers. A minimalistic bedroom is a clutter-free space, where you can unwind after a long day. We suggest having plenty of hidden storage to achieve a minimalistic space.

The most important idea when it comes to modern master bedroom décor is to ensure that you follow a style and incorporate elements that you genuinely love.

Modern Bedroom Colours

Modern bedrooms are becoming bolder, featuring vibrant colours to make a statement. Experimenting with bright purples and deep reds can completely change a room, however, it is not for everyone. For those who are less eager to colour-bomb their bedrooms, we suggest adding a pop of colour through cushions, artwork, or trimmings. Mellow and earthy tones such as sage green, cream, and taupe add a calming zen effect to your room, allowing you to relax in peace. These colours are ideal for those who do not want to commit to a bolder colour. Navy and terracotta can revitalise any room, adding some zest for those brave enough to mix and match with complementing colours. Navy works well in small spaces, as it recedes from the eye, making the room appear larger. Fully saturated blue pairs well with white or gold for a touch of glamour. Try pairing a zingy terracotta with light pinks and cream for a warm, desert feel.

Modern Bedroom Furniture

Modern bedroom furniture is centred around sustainability and practicality in 2022. It is not enough for furniture to simply look good anymore; it must be environmentally conscious and useful. Recently Kiwis have shifted towards incorporating New Zealand made furniture into their bedrooms. Sustainable Kiwi made and grown materials such as wood, rattan, linen, and wool are long-lasting and kind to the environment, preventing unnecessary waste caused by scrapping low quality furniture. Buying high quality, locally sourced furniture is cheaper in the long run, and supports New Zealand based businesses. Furniture that doubles as storage is practical and keeps your bedroom free from mess, without the unnecessary clutter that additional shelves present. Investing in a bed that features secret drawers like the Sleepneat is one example of an affordable and seamless form of storing extra belongings that we offer at Coastwood. Extra storage can help you achieve your dream modern bedroom look with ease and style.

Choosing a Modern Bedroom Suite

Choosing a modern bedroom suite that matches the theme and colour scheme of your room can be difficult, here are some key points to go by.

  1. Your bedframe, headboard, and bedside tables should all match, and be purchased from the same supplier at the same time. Having too much variation when selecting furniture can make your room appear mismatched. To avoid this, we suggest buying your bedroom suite as a set, from the same retailer so that it is guaranteed to match.
  2. If you are adding additional items to your room, ensure that the theme carries through. Extra bedroom furniture such as chairs or dressers should match the style of other furniture within the room. While they do not have to be the exact same, having a similar style and colour scheme is a good idea.
  3. Buy a high-quality bedroom suite that will last the long haul. Furniture is expensive, prevent unnecessary waste and save yourself money by purchasing from a reliable retailer.