We spend nearly a third of our lives asleep in our bedrooms, so you want yours to be an enjoyable, stress-free environment. Bedrooms are also a hub for most of our belongings, but when it comes to limited bedroom storage, what can you do? Cluttered rooms can detract from the space’s aesthetic and become a worrying hazard. We have a selection of creative bedroom storage ideas, from furniture selection to minor home alterations. At Coastwood, we have a wide range of storage options to return your bedroom to its former haven of comfort and style. Browse our furniture collections for a selection of space saving storage amenities.

Use Bedroom Storage Furniture

Adding bedroom storage furniture to your abode is the easiest way to create extra space to store your belongings. Dressers or chest of drawers are a staple in bedroom storage, as they provide plenty of space for clothes, while their flat surface can be used for additional small storage, such as makeup or jewellery. For narrow rooms we suggest selecting taller, thinner dressers, while long rooms can utilise the extra space with a wide dresser. At Coastwood, we manufacture New Zealand made bedroom furniture to suit all spaces. Our chest of drawers and dressers are all fully customisable, from the colour scheme to the sizing. For rooms that already have dressers, we suggest adding additional storage out of sight, to prevent your bedroom feeling crowded. Bedframes that feature hidden drawers in the base are a prime example of how subtle extra storage can be.

Shoe Storage Ideas for Bedrooms

Shoes can be difficult to store, as they take up more room than clothes (which can be easily folded to minimise space), due to their inflexible nature. We have recommended below a range of clever shoe storage ideas for your bedroom to achieve an effortlessly spacious appearance.

  1. Shoe racks offer a tidy and organised way of storing your shoes and do not take up a lot of room. Shoe racks can be hidden away in closets or pushed against a wall for easy access.
  2. Storing shoes in their original boxes can prevent sun damage and dust from building up on them. The shape of shoeboxes makes them easier to stack and store than shoes by themselves.
  3. Shoes can be stored as a design feature by placing them on open shelves. This option allows you to brighten and add character to your room while providing storage space.

Bedroom Cupboard Storage Ideas

Bedroom cupboards and wardrobes offer premium solutions for storage. They protect your belongings from harsh sunlight, which can cause colour fading, and keep your clothes out of sight. Bedroom cupboards can be added to any room, and come in a range of colours, materials, and sizes to meet all your needs. We recommend purchasing a good-quality bedroom cupboard to keep your belongings safe and prevent having to replace the cupboard in time.

Bedroom cupboards can be customised to have more shelving or a clear area where clothes can be hung. The versatility of bedroom cupboards and wardrobes makes them very popular, and they can be found in most homes. Bedroom cupboards can be used for storing clothing, sheets, accessories, and more. Some cupboards are able to be locked to protect any valuables you want to keep safe.

Storage Tips for Small Bedrooms

Finding places to store your belongings in small bedrooms can be a challenging job. Adding space efficient storage furniture like tallboys and cupboards to small bedrooms can leave you with barely any room to move. The addition of a tall and narrow set of drawers or bedside tables can provide some storage without taking up too much of your floorspace. Alternatively, purchasing a bedframe with drawers attached underneath it can double your storage space, without encroaching on any other area. Building shelves on your walls, such as above you bed, leaves your floor free and gives you a surface where you can both store and display your belongings. It is important to remember that sometimes in a small room, a few large pieces of furniture with lots of storage space will created a more uniformed look than several smaller pieces.