Remember that feeling of being deliciously warm and cosy in your bed and knowing you’re going to have to get out? There’s nothing worse than having to get up just to switch on the light, turn off your alarm or have a sip of water. That’s where a bedside table comes in. It’ll hold your lamp, clock, phone, glass of water, tissues, anything you need beside your bed to save you that cold journey out of bed, as well as décor to complete your overall bedroom look. There are all sorts of cool bedside table ideas, and many have fantastic storage capabilities too. All Coastwood Furniture’s NZ made bedside tables provide storage in some way, whether it be multiple drawers or a single shelf. Amongst our selection of bedside tables and bedside table decoration ideas you’ll find inspiration for modern bedroom furniture, traditional bedrooms, and some unique bedside table alternatives.

Modern Bedside Tables

Are you trying to create a classy modern sanctuary? Your modern bedside table should feature a simple shape with defined, clean lines like the McKenzie pictured above. Most modern bedsides have either no legs or small, slim legs, and drawer fronts often have no handles or handle cut-outs. If this sounds like you, take a look at the sleek Karamea, nifty Neo or contemporary Plyhome.

When it’s time to decorate, modern bedside table styling should always be simple and not too matchy-matchy. You can even get away with mismatched bedsides. The key is to remember less is more, so stick to just a couple of decorative items such as a fresh indoor plant or funky modern art piece and make it interesting by choosing items with different heights.

Traditional Bedside Tables

Perhaps you’d prefer a cosy traditional-style bedroom. Most traditional bedside table designs are solid and bulky with traditional handles and warm stain colours. Bedsides made from wood are very traditional and some we recommend for your traditional bedroom are the timeless Nordic, mighty Maison and elegant Bayswater. In most traditional bedrooms, symmetry is a big factor so you should go for two matching bedsides, on either side of the bed.

If you’re looking for bedside table accessories ideas for your traditional bedside, we love the charming teapot flower arrangement shown in the Asher bedroom above. Any flower arrangements will add beautiful flair to a traditional bedroom and a scented candle or diffuser will always look and smell gorgeous.

Bedside Table Ideas for Small Space

Just because you have a small space doesn’t mean you can’t have a bedside table. There are many bedside table ideas for small spaces- you can pick another piece of furniture, such as a desk or lowboy, to place beside your bed and do double duty. That’s two for the space of one! Alternatively, a floating shelf or headboard with attached bedsides are perfect space saving bedside table ideas because they won’t take up any floor space.

If you still prefer the more classic bedside table, we have several small bedside table ideas. The Ivydale small bedsides are extra slim and come with one, two or three drawer options. Other narrow bedside table ideas include the Veniece Side Table and Northville Bedside Table which still incorporate a lot of storage.

Matching Lamps to Your Bedside Tables

Are you looking for bedside table lamp ideas? Lamps have a very practical advantage of providing light but look stylish on a bedside table too. For a bedroom with two people, you’ll want a lamp on each side of the bed. Generally, it looks better if they’re the same but don’t be afraid to mix up other décor. The size of the lamp should be in proportion to your bedside table- if you have a very small bedside table, an extra-large lamp may look overpowering, whereas a small lamp on a large table will look lost.

If you’ve chosen a bedside table with handles, you can coordinate this with your lamp by choosing complementary materials. Metallic gold handles would pair nicely with a shiny golden lamp, or an industrial-style steel lamp would top off a bedside table with wrought iron handles. Alternatively, you can ditch the table lamp entirely and get creative with some hanging pendants or wall sconces. That will leave your bedside free for other decorative items.

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