Is it time for you to do-up an old bedroom or design a new one? This can be a daunting task but also a whole lot of fun. Bedroom furniture is a great place to start when planning out a bedroom, then you can base your bedding, wall colour and décor around it. Solid wood furniture is an ideal choice as it’s sustainable, it’s durable and it’s stylish. If you don’t know exactly what you’re looking for, think about what colour furniture you would like, or the room you’re working with. Is it a master bedroom, a bedroom for a teenager or a teeny tiny bedroom? Or consider the style of your home- are your trying to furnish a coastal bedroom, an industrial bedroom, or a modern bedroom? This blog covers all kinds of bedrooms so take inspiration from our various ideas for bedroom furniture and develop a bedroom you’ll never grow tired of.

White Bedroom Furniture Ideas

Have a look around the room you’re in. Do you see the colour white? White is used in interiors everywhere. White ceilings, white walls, white cabinetry, white décor, and of course white furniture. White furniture is so diverse, it’s like a blank canvas that you can build up a gorgeous interior design around. White Paint is most common but at Coastwood Furniture we also offer paints that are similar to white like Bone Paint, as well as an Aged White Paint or a Whitewash finish that shows the natural timber underneath. So if you’re looking for white bedroom furniture, almost all of our NZ made ranges are available in some form of white and we agree with you- it’s a great choice.

While it works in almost any room, there are some styles that white furniture will particularly do justice to. If you’re looking for minimalist, Scandinavian, or coastal bedroom furniture then white furniture is the way to go. For Coastal style, we especially love tongue and groove panelling on white furniture like the La Resta or Orinda. It can add some needed texture- white furniture can appear a bit stark and soulless so dressing it up with texture, incorporating wood accents or choosing a warmer off-white or cream shade is a good choice. If you want to see some of our favourite white bedroom furniture decorating ideas, check out the following collections: Adventure, Santorini, Brook, Ambrose.

Black Bedroom Furniture Ideas

Of course, white is not for everyone. Some of you will prefer the powerful darkness of black bedroom furniture. It can add real elegance and drama as long as it’s not too overpowering. When paired with other deep, bold colours it can feel very heavy, so we recommend that it’s contrasted with calm, neutral colours like beige or light brown. A light wall and ceiling will really make your black furniture stand out. Another way to enhance your black furniture is to install a large mirror; it can lighten the look hugely. Not to mention how classy mirrors look. For true elegance, pair your black bedroom furniture with metallic handles, especially gold.

For those of you that are seeking industrial or modern bedroom furniture ideas, black or dark wood furniture is always a good option. And Coastwood has all types of black furniture- black bed frames, black headboards, black dressers, black bedsides, you name it. We offer both a black paint and a black stain (Eclipse), but you can also choose from other near-black or dark brown furniture colours such as Dark Oak, Dark Ash or Charcoal Paint which have a similar sort of effect. Check out some of the following collections for bedroom ideas with black furniture: Bayswater, Andorra, Verve, Veniece.

Master Bedroom Furniture Ideas

Usually, the largest bedroom in the house, you can often afford to be a bit more extravagant with your furniture in the master bedroom. You deserve it after all. We recommend that every master bedroom should have a queen bed frame or bigger, two bedside tables, a dresser & mirror or lowboy with a mirror above. If you can fit an extra set of bedroom drawers or a super king bed frame, even better.

For the contemporary home

A modern bedroom idea we love is the simplistic design of Karamea, it will uplift your master bedroom with a clean, airy feel.

For the industrial home

Do you live in an industrial city apartment? Enrich your master bedroom with the contemporary Neo bedroom collection.

For couples

Oftentimes master bedrooms are shared bedrooms, so why not invest in a ten-drawer chest like the Chicago or Lynbrook, then there’s enough drawers for both of you.

For the workaholic

Is your master bedroom your workspace too? Adding a desk to your bedroom furniture is a smart choice, especially something like the Ferngrove Home Office Desk which could double as a dressing table.

Teenage Bedroom Furniture Ideas

When it comes to choosing teenage bedroom furniture it’s tempting to select the cheapest options for your teenager because it might not be too long before they move on. But we believe they deserve to have decent furniture too and it can always be repurposed later (think instant guest room!) so invest in furniture that will last. A strong bedframe, side table and plenty of storage is a good start. Teenagers are growing so ideally; they should have at least a king single bed or double bed. It’s important to include them in the furniture choosing too, they’ll likely have an idea of how they want the room to loo,k so this could be a great opportunity to work together and cultivate their interior tastes. Any of Coastwood’s bedroom collections can work for teenagers because of the number of choices we offer for styles, colours and handles. This means you can both get involved in the decision-making and create a look you both agree on. However, we do have some awesome pieces that are specifically suited to teenagers.

For all ages

Loft beds are an awesome piece of furniture for teenage bedrooms. With space underneath you can fit extra furniture; maybe a desk for all that homework they do or some comfy beanbags for hanging out with friends.

For the messy teenager

How to keep a teenage bedroom tidy? We won’t go there but an under-bed drawer or a bed like the Sleepneat which has built in drawers, looks much better than gear all over the floor or stuffed under the bed. If they’re the stuffing type, get them a blanket box, it may not be tidy inside, but the rest of the room will appear spotless.  

For the bookworm

A teenager that likes to read a lot will want to have all their favourites close by and having them stacked up on the floor is far from ideal, so you’ll both love the nearby convenience of the Adventure Bed with a Headend Shelf.

Bedroom Furniture Ideas for Small Rooms

Fitting furniture in small bedrooms is always a challenge. You have to be quite selective about what furniture to buy but double-duty and downsized options will allow you to create a serene space that’s not too crowded. Ultimately you want to save on floor space so anything with built-in storage or that’s tall, rather than wide, is your friend. Slimboy/lingerie chests are small room wonders, their tall, thin design means they take up hardly any floor space but still incorporate quite a bit of storage. We have space-saving narrow bedside tables too, like the Ivydale small bedsides. If low ceilings are your problem, choose a low headboard like the Omoto or opt for a simple base frame.

For more furniture ideas for small bedrooms read our full article here.