We’re over halfway through 2022 already, so if you haven’t caught onto these dining room decorating ideas, it’s time to get up to speed. The good news is, 2022 dining room trends are all about longevity so what you create now will stay in style for years. If you’re building a new house, then you’ll especially want the most up-to-date ideas. For small dining rooms, big dining rooms, open plan dining rooms and all kinds of dining rooms, you can create a beautiful, contemporary space by taking on some of these unique dining room ideas and trends.


2022s Latest Dining Room Trends


An overarching theme of 2022 is increased consciousness of making sustainable choices, which is reflected throughout 2022’s latest dining room trends. A move away from fast furniture to slow and sustainable furniture made from natural materials, signifies how kiwis are looking to invest in their future.  

Fur and animal skin rugs

Area rugs are staple décor items with their ability to tie a room together but it’s fur rugs and cowhides that are taking centre stage throughout 2022 and beyond, and not just in rustic and farmhouse style homes. Not only do they look super stylish but as by-products of the food industry, they’re eco-friendly, and add irreplaceable texture and a beautiful natural element to any space.

Hanging plants

What’s more sustainable than live plants? We’ve seen this trend in every room of the house and it’s definitely a dining room décor idea too. Hanging them above a dining room table or styling them on a bookshelf or buffet is an effortless way to decorate that vastly improves any room, both aesthetically and environmentally.  

Statement lighting

Dining room lighting is going beyond its functional purpose so homeowners can create a unique style statement with their choice of interesting and exotic lighting fixtures. From oversized chandeliers to opulent wall lights, there’s so many options that will really elevate your dining room, no matter what your style.

White on white

Neutrals colours are timeless and easy to live with. All shades of white are being used in 2022, to create calming dining room sanctuaries that you’ll never want to leave. To prevent it from being too boring, it’s up to design and texture to create interest rather than colour. Whether its white, ivory, cream, or light-coloured wood, such as white ash or oak, light neutrals reign supreme.

If you’re a hater of neutral colour palettes, don’t worry, there’s a trend to suit you too. Splashes of bold colour are back in style!


Dining Furniture Trends

Round/Oval Dining Tables

Arguably the biggest dining furniture trend of 2022 is the round or oval dining table. While we haven’t completely said goodbye to the classic, rectangle table, curves are in, and many people are swapping out the hard, straight lines for soft, rounded edges. Not only do these tables take up less space, but they can usually fit more people around them too.

Leather Upholstery

Now that we’ve taken care of the table, what dining chairs should you choose? The options are pretty much endless but what many homeowners are looking for is chairs with leather upholstery. Leather is sustainable, easy-cleaning and has a sleek, industrial look that fits in perfectly with contemporary homes.


Dining Room Layout Ideas

Finding the right dining room design ideas for your space can be difficult, but an ideal dining room layout should maximise available space, and prioritise flow and cohesion.

In a narrow dining room, it’s a good idea to make the most out of the corners with a round or square table. Then the remaining space could be used for a secondary seating area or workspace. This works well in open plan dining areas as you can create separate zones within the one room.

In a larger dining room, the table should be the centrepiece, then you can add display cabinets or sideboards against the walls for additional storage or display, of dinnerware, serveware and décor.

Its easiest to plan a layout by drawing out your dining room on a piece of paper to help you visualise where each item will go. Most importantly, you need to allow space between each piece of furniture for ease of movement, and don’t overcrowd the space.


Dining Room Ideas on A Budget

Multi-purpose furniture

If you’re on a budget, the current dining room trend of multifunctionally will really suit you. Nowadays its normal to use the dining room as a workspace as well, so choosing furniture that suits both uses, such as an extendable dining table and multi-purpose chairs, makes it easy, and saves you spending on two separate pieces of furniture.

Keep it simple

A tendency towards casual dining is gradually outweighing formal dining areas. This is great if you’re on a tight budget because you can skip the formal dining room and fancy furniture altogether and keep it casual with a solid table, a couple of bench seats and some budget-friendly décor. A fresh coat of paint it always an easy way to refresh any room and decluttering works wonders. At the end of the day, it’s about people not ‘stuff’ that makes a good time.


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