Nothing says home quite like a dining room table, which is often referred to as ‘the heart of the home.’ Think about it. A piece of furniture that brings together family and friends to share delicious food and create lasting memories is pretty special indeed. In our busy lives, a few moments at the dining table may be the only time we get all week to catch up with loved ones. That’s why choosing the right dining table is an important decision that needs some careful thought. So, before you rush out and buy the first dining table that tickles your fancy, take some time to consider these five key aspects first.

1. What size should my dining table be?

When choosing the right size dining table, you’re essentially trying to balance two things: how many people you want to seat and how much room you have. Ask yourself questions like:

Do I want to seat more than my immediate family?

Can I fit a big dining table the whole time or is an extendable table a better option?

Will there be enough space to walk around the edges?

Also consider how the size of your dining table will work with the room as a whole; a big dining table may take up too much space in a small room, whereas a small dining table may look lost in a big room.

Measure your room to make sure the dining table will fit just as you want it to and don’t forget that the size of your dining chairs will also affect how many people will fit.


2. What shape dining table is best?

Rectangle, square, round, oval or something completely unique... there’s a lot to choose from, however the shape you choose will need to work with the shape of your room. In most cases, square and round dining tables work well in square rooms, and rectangle and oval shapes are best for rectangular rooms.

Rectangle dining tables can also come in much bigger sizes and allow for alternative seating such as bench seats. Round dining tables take up less space, invite conversation and fit well in corners. If you have young children, you might prefer a round or oval dining table with no sharp edges, however a dining table with defined corners will have a more formal feel, if that’s what you’re going for.

Each shape has its own pros and cons so think about your specific needs.


3. How do I choose a table base?

As well as looking a certain way, the base of the dining table can also change how many people will comfortably fit at it. Some dining tables have four legs, some have two, some are crossed... there are a lot of different styles. There are also many types of pedestal bases out there which can create more room for dining chairs underneath, so don’t forget to explore your options here.


4. What type of dining table is most durable?

How long are you wanting your dining table to last?

Is it just a temporary thing or are you wanting it to seat your family for generations?

If your dining table will only be used occasionally, this isn’t too important but for frequent use, you’ll need to consider what material is most durable for dining tables. A solid wood dining table is usually your best bet to stand up to the wear and tear of everyday life, and you can choose from different types such as pine, ash, or oak.


5. What style dining table should I choose?

Finally, consider your personal preference. Do you want something plain and simple or ornate and elegant? Your dining table should fit in with the style of your home and other elements in the room and you’ll probably have a particular colour in mind. Fortunately, at Coastwood Furniture you can choose from stain or paint (although we don’t recommend painted tabletops) and practically any colour. So, if you find a style you love from our vast range of dining tables, you’re guaranteed of a colour that fits in beautifully with your home.


Once you’ve taken into account these five points, you’re ready to find the perfect dining table!

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