Mazon Smart-Coil Firm Mattress

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The Firm mattress is designed to provide maximum support and minimal give, creating a firm sleeping experience.

01. Low Compress Quilting
A quilted poly-cotton material that is both super soft and breathable, encases two layers of 20mm XP support foam.

02. XP Support
20mm of XP support foam is used for support and longevity.

03. Durapedic® Coil
180mm 5 zone Durapedic® pocket coil with a 1.8-2mm gauge. Each spring is free to respond to individual pressure in relation to the weight placed upon it, to support and contour to the body.

04. Firmer Edge
Extra firm coils surround the perimeter of the mattress with an additional firm edge wire to give a firmer edge support, preventing roll-out.

Height: 230mm
Weight Rating: 180kg (per side)

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