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Where comfort meets opulence in every thread. The Mazon Platinum mattresses are crafted with the finest materials and meticulous attention to detail, each feel promises a heavenly sleep experience like no other. From indulgent memory foam to responsive Durapedic® Air technology, the Platinum range offers tailored support for every sleeper. Available in Medium, Plush and Ultra Plush.


  • Durapedic® Air Pocket Springs - give an extremely responsive feel, contouring perfectly to the body. The unique dual zone system minimises pressure points and partner disturbance, while maximising air circulation and posture support for a healthy sleep experience.
  • 100% pure New Zealand Wool Quilting - A special blend combines the well known comfort of the fine micron wool mixed with the strength and structure of strong wool.
  • Natural Latex - 100% pure and certified organic. Produced sustainably using sap from the rubber tree, Latex is naturally mould and dust mite resistent and is allergen free. Platinum Latex contains no cheap fillers, synthetic or otherwise.
  • Hydroflex - The Platinum Plush features aerated hydroflex. Hydroflex is highly breathable and responsive, offering heat dissipation and enhances recovery. This super light memory foam reduces frictional force and is more resistant to rolling motions.
  • Premium Visco Gel - The Platinum Ultra Plush features premium Visco Gel, a
    high quality visco elastic infused with gel particles to help regulate temperature. This gel technology is heat and pressure sensitive, relieving pressure points and back pain.

Mattress Height: 380mm

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