What type of bed frame should I get? This is a common question we hear from our customers and we’re here to help, but first you need to understand the different types of bed frames. From different materials like wood or metal to different styles such as a platform base to a four-poster bed, there’s a lot out there.

Choosing a Bed Frame

The key thing to consider when choosing a bed is comfort. This is often dependent on the mattress you choose as well, but a good frame to support your mattress is paramount, so look for a bed that’s made from sturdy materials and has a strong set of slats to hold your mattress and keep it fresh. Another important thing is size, it’ll be hard to sleep well in a bed that’s too small, but it also needs to fit your room. We have an entire article dedicated to finding the right bed size so learn more about it here. Then you can think about the style and extra features like built-in storage, different heights, or decorative designs.


Wood Bed Frame Options

One of the most widely used materials for bed frames is wood. Wood is extremely versatile and there are so many different types that can be used to make a bed. Because of this, there’s a wooden bed frame to suit every price range. It’s also an extremely strong material, especially solid wood, so even very heavy people can be safely supported by wooden bed frames, and they last for a long time. Wood can match in with any style room because it comes in many natural colours and grain patterns and can also be stained or painted in any colour at all. There’s really no limit to your choices with wooden beds.

Platform Bed Frames

The most common type of wooden bed frame is a platform bed frame. This is the type of bed you see everywhere, that stands on four legs and usually has enough space underneath for storage. They come with slats to support your mattress, and are easy to put together. Some platform bed frames come with headboards attached and some don’t- this is entirely up to you, and you can find out about their pros and cons here. The styles available with platform bed frames are endless, so for every age, taste and need, platform beds are a go-to choice.

Four Poster Bed Frames

Four-poster beds have a tall post at each corner, sometimes joined together with a frame supporting a canopy. Originally designed hundreds of years ago for warmth and privacy, they’re still very much in style today, though many four poster beds nowadays don’t necessarily have drapes but can be accessorised with lights or hanging plants, or left bare. They have a real wow factor and are ideal for larger rooms with high ceilings.

Bunks and Lofts

Many kid’s and teenager’s bedrooms don’t have enough space to comfortably fit two separate beds so having two that stack on top of each other is a fantastic way to maximise the space. A variation of a bunk is the loft, which omits the bottom bunk, leaving one raised bed with extra space underneath. See our Noah and Peri collections to find a beautiful wooden bunk or loft bed.

Box Base

Box base beds do not have legs but are made up of a closed-in box instead, which often sits on small feet. They are low profile and suit minimalist styles. Some still have slats but others have a flat platform base and are sometimes known as a divan base. Many box base beds incorporate some form of storage in their base, which is great for small bedrooms, like our Sleepneat beds.


Trundler beds are compact bed bases which sit low to the ground on wheels or castors, designed to slide easily in and out beneath a regular platform bed frame. They’re generally not slept on all the time but are instead a space-saving option for accommodating additional guests, particularly in kid’s bedrooms.


Basically a cross between a bed and a sofa; daybeds, like our Coaster Daybed, sit on four legs with a slatted base, but also have three sides- a back as well as a headend and footend. This means they can be slept on as a regular bed but can also serve the purpose of a sofa during the day. This makes them popular for offices and guest rooms or small apartments, where their multifunctionality is highly valued.


Metal Bed Frames

If not wood, the main other material beds are made of is metal. Metal beds are super strong and durable but are less flexible than wooden bed frames so can be uncomfortable to sleep on. They’re generally reasonably lightweight and easy to shift, though if you’re looking for bed frames that don’t squeak, metal bed frames aren’t your best pick. Although metal bed frame styles are not as versatile as wood bed frames, they have a different look than wooden beds, which better suits some styles and tastes. They’re often popular in traditional or industrial style bedrooms.



If you’ve decided that a wooden bed frame is a good idea, then you’re in the right place. We have different types, sizes, heights, and designs that are sure to suit anyone, so take a look. And because wood is so customisable, we can personalise them just to suit you. Don’t put up with another bad night’s sleep, choose your perfect bed frame today!