In the bustling landscape of New Zealand's urban hubs, where the population is on the rise, a growing number of Kiwis are embracing apartment living. In this realm of cosy corners and limited square footage, the challenge lies in crafting a space that's both functional and stylish. Whether you're drawn to modern aesthetics, dealing with a pint-sized space, or on the hunt for the latest apartment decorating ideas, we've got your back. Let’s get some apartment living room inspiration and turn your metropolitan home into a blissful retreat.


Modern Apartment Living Rooms

Lily Dining Table, Heron Chair, Charleston Sofa, Lily Coffee Table, Camille Chair.

Step into the future of design with our modern apartment living room ideas. If you like to keep ahead of the game with your modern apartment layout, embrace clean lines, open spaces, and a neutral palette to create an uncluttered, sophisticated atmosphere. Incorporate statement furniture pieces, like a sleek armchair or a ribbed coffee table, to add a touch of contemporary flair. Integrate pops of colour through bold accessories or artwork for a vibrant, fashionable look. Prove how modern simplicity can elevate your apartment living room into a peaceful sanctuary.


Small Apartment Living Rooms

cosy apartment living room ideas
Gina Chair, Charleston Dining Table, Sofa, Coffee Table, Entertainment Unit.

Make the most of every nook and cranny in your apartment with our small apartment living room ideas. In a lot of apartments, space is like gold dust— there’s not a lot of it, your living and dining areas will probably be combined, and your kitchen and bedroom too! No worries, though; make life easier for yourself by embracing multifunctional furniture, like sofa beds and multi-compartment entertainment units, to optimize storage without cramping your style. Choose light, neutral colours to create the illusion of space and let than natural light in where possible- especially if your apartment boasts a killer view. And don’t forget to think tall- vertical storage is your new best friend, to free up precious floor space. Always keep in mind, small doesn't mean sacrificing style. Discover the art of making a statement in compact living, small space, big style!


Apartment Living Room Paint & Colour Trends

modern apartment living room ideas
etro Corner Entertainment Unit, Drop Leaf Table, Dining Chair, Buffet.

Discover how the latest colour trends can transform your apartment living room. There’s a whole world of options when it comes to colour, it all comes down to the vibe you’re trying to create. For a serene ambiance, explore soothing palettes of muted greens and calming blue. Experiment with earthy tones like terracotta and warm neutrals to create a cosy, inviting atmosphere. To add some depth and a bit of drama to your space, jazz up an accent wall in soft pastels or rich jewel tones. Don't shy away from bold choices; explore how the right colour palette can redefine and revitalize your apartment living room and go with what feels right for you.


Choosing Furniture for Apartment Living Rooms

small apartment living room furniture ideas
Charleston Sofa, Cairo Coffee Table, Dining Table, Entertainment Unit, Terry Chair.

Selecting the right furniture is key to a well-designed apartment living room. Opt for pieces that serve dual purposes, like a sofa bed for guests or a storage coffee table. Consider space-saving furniture like wall-mounted shelves and corner units- no area needs to be wasted. Stick to a cohesive colour scheme with your furniture to maintain visual harmony, this can be made easy by choosing all your furniture from one supplier or getting new pieces stain-matched to your existing furniture. Don’t forget to prioritize comfort with plush seating options and choose furniture that not only fits your apartment's layout but also reflects your personal preferences.


Whether you're navigating the challenges of a small space or embracing the allure of modern design, we’re confident that you can transform your living space into a haven of style and comfort with these cosy apartment living room ideas. Explore the possibilities, express your personality, and make every corner uniquely yours.