The vast majority of timber bed frames assemble together easily and give you, the owner, years of peaceful nights. However, from time to time, a frame gets the squeaks for no apparent reason, which can be very disruptive to your sleep. If your bed has decided to squeak and creak and keep you awake, try some of these quick fixes:

  • Check that the side rails are up the right way.
  • Check that the locking screws have been put in the center of the brackets.
  • Check that the center rail is up the right way.
  • If it is a king size or larger, check that the centre rail has a centre leg under it and is adjusted to be touching the floor. If you don’t have a centre leg, contact Coastwood Furniture and we will supply one.
  • Check that all the screws going through the brackets into the legs are tight- these have multidrive heads so you can use a slotted, posidrive or square bit screwdriver to tighten them.
  • Take the side rails off and check that the screws are tight. If they are loose, a trick that might work is to take the screw right out and put a little superglue in the hole before re-screwing the bracket back on.
  • Is your bed sitting on a wooden floor? Sometimes the noise may be coming from the legs rubbing against your floor. If this is the issue, an easy fix is to glue a small piece of felt to the bottom of each leg or get some of those sticky felt feet that are available through most hardware stores, and attach to the bottom of each leg.
  • Sometimes just rubbing a little soap or candle wax on the ends of the side rails works wonders.
  • If nothing else has worked, it’s almost certain to stop squeaking if you screw some of the slats to the side rail and the centre rail. It’s best to predrill the ends of the slats before screwing so you don’t split the timber.


We hope you have found a tip that works for your bed, and you can now get a little shut-eye!