Talking about bed and mattress sizes can be confusing as the words are often used interchangeably but are not always exactly the same. Beds in New Zealand come in six standard sizes, based on the standard mattress sizes: single, king single, double, queen, king and super king, as well as the less common Californian king, long single and long double. We use these terms to refer to the size of the mattress and the bed, but the standard dimensions for each of these sizes is generally for the mattress, the bed itself is usually slightly bigger. The bed ends or sides will probably stick out slightly further so when measuring your room, make sure to account for this if you’re going off the standard mattress sizes. For the purpose of this article, I’ll be talking about bed sizes but please remember the actual dimensions are only for the mattress.

So, what is the right size bed and mattress for me? Things to consider when deciding this are: age, size, how many people sleep in it, budget and how much room you have. Beds from sizes single to double are usually used for children and singe adults, and sizes queen to Californian king are most suited for couples. In general, the price increases with the size of the bed. The dimensions shown below are the general standard for bed mattresses but be aware that these may vary slightly between manufacturers. Nevertheless, this guide should give you a solid idea of what size bed will be most suitable for your needs.


The single is the smallest bed size available in New Zealand and is perfect for younger children who are past the stage of needing a cot.

King Single

The king single is a great upgrade for older children who are getting bigger and needing that bit of extra space. It can also work well in guest rooms for single guests.


While the double traditionally was the main bed used for couples, nowadays it’s not really considered big enough to comfortably fit two adults. It’s better for older kids or single adults that aren’t super tall as it’s not as long as a king single.


Queen beds have replaced doubles as the most popular choice for couples as they fits two adults comfortably and are now thought of as the minimum size bed for two people.


A king bed provides extra space for couples and is becoming increasingly popular as people want that extra room. It can also suit people who tend to have children or pets in their bed.

Super King

Super king is the next level up from a king bed, suited to bigger people or those who just want a more luxurious option.


These are the six standard sizes we have available at Coastwood, but with most of our bed frames we can provide long singles, long doubles or Californian kings on request. Why might you want one of these?

  • The long single measures 91cm x 203cm - the same width as a single, but its length is equal to a king single. This makes it ideal for kids who are too tall for a single bed, but their bedroom is not wide enough to accommodate a king single.
  • The long double measures 137cm x 203cm - better for taller, single people who want a bit of extra space to stretch out but don’t have enough room to fit a queen.
  • The Californian King measures 203cm x 203cm - the largest sized bed in New Zealand and is as wide as it is long. As well as providing ample room and comfort, it can also make a statement in a large bedroom.


Hopefully after reading this, you will be able to decide which size bed best suits your needs. When making a final decision, be sure to consider the room that it is going in. Will there be enough space to walk around the bed? Can you fit in other bedroom furniture?

Coastwood Furniture has many different beds in all the sizes so once you’ve decided on your size, take a look at our NZ made bed frame options.